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Wedding Planner meeting for consultation

This is the first post of many in a new series of blogs I will be writing. Each blog will contain tips for planning your wedding, and each will be based on a certain topic: venue hunting, making your budget or general decor decisions. Just to name a few that I have floating in my head. I hope that you find this new series beneficial to your wedding planning needs and that it can help guide you in some way.

So let’s start it off at the beginning. You just got engaged, so what do you do?  Well of course celebrate, but I mean after that.

Topics to discuss with each other before you begin planning your wedding. 

1). What do you see on your wedding day?  Talk about the overall vision you have in your head for your wedding day. You should both be represented in your wedding. You should both have ownership of what your guests will experience.  It may be something you’ve seen at another wedding, something you’ve envisioned since you were little or a fun, quirky idea that you think would set your wedding apart from every other wedding you’ve been to.

2). What is important to have happen that day?  What are some things that are important to the both of you to have for your wedding day. A certain flower in your arrangements or a special meal to be served. These are your priorities for the wedding day and it will help you to know what you need to budget for. Not only are these things important to you both, but they also tend to be those things that really connect your guests to you on your wedding day.

3).  When would you like to get married?  A lot of couples have a date or season that is very important to them and so it’s easy to pick a wedding date. But you also need to stay flexible in your wedding planning. Sometimes the venue you want isn’t available and so you’ll have to adjust your date. Also holidays and weekends are appealing to a lot of couples planning their wedding because it’s easy for out of town guests to fly in. But also keep in mind that there are certain holidays where people want to stay home. Also, the discounts people say you get aren’t always true and sometimes holiday weddings are harder to plan because either everyone has picked that date or no one wants to work it. Also keep in mind the length of time you will have for wedding planning.  The more time you have, the easier it will be on you.

4). Who must you invite?  Maybe you want a small intimate wedding or maybe you have 13 cousins and their family that you just have to invite.  Talk about who needs to be invited and who would be a bonus. Make a preliminary guest list now. It will set the stage for your budget and venues for your wedding day.

5). What do you want to spend?  Are you paying for everything yourselves or are family members contributing?  What can you honestly afford to spend?  This is a great time to start doing some research on what a wedding actually costs. Some people are very surprised when they start to see those numbers. Talk to some recently married couples or join some local social media groups and see what people from your area are spending.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, so take the time to plan it well.  The more organized you are from the beginning the easier your wedding planning will be over time.  And if you want the extra help, then contact me for a consultation and I will help with your wedding planning needs to make your day just perfect.



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