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What Makes Me Different

I am the wedding planner that embraces the unique and different.  The one who likes to stretch the limits of what people think a wedding should be like.  My goal is to make your wedding planning experience an enjoyable one.  To be a lending ear when you are overwhelmed (because that will happen) and an advocate for your wedding day.  I love working with those who are artistic, creative and out-of-the-box thinkers.

The Art is in the Details

Attention to detail is something I pride myself in.  All the pieces that come together to create a moment for your guests that stick out because it was just so you.   That’s what I love to do most of all.  Taking ideas and turning them into realities in a very creative and unique way.

My Passions

When I’m not planning weddings, I am a mother to a beautiful daughter and wife to an amazing husband.  In my spare time, I am an avid home baker making a lot of cupcakes but I also love a good cookie.  In addition to that, I enjoy a good book, singing, and dancing with my girl in our living room.

Cleveland Wedding Planner Diana Warner

Diana Warner


Wedding Planner & Chaos Coordinator

Cleveland wedding coordinator with family

Random Facts About Me:

  • I love to sing!  I do it very often at home, in the shower, in the car, pretty much anywhere I can, no matter how embarrassing it is to my daughter.
  • I do not like dogs. I am 100% a crazy cat lady.
  • I am allergic to avocado.  I found out when I was in college.  I was a manager at a Quiznos and one of my employees said to me one night, “Do you realize you throw up every time you eat guacamole?”.
  • I have a back injury, and before I knew it was a back injury, I was barely able to stand and walk for almost a year of my life.  Luckily my injury is under control and I am much better now.
  •  I love crafts and being artistic.  I own way too many glue guns, but I need them all no matter what my husband says.
  • Ice cream is my favorite food group.
  • I can move my ears up and down.  Just ask and I will show you.