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Meet the Owner

Being a wedding planner requires incredible organization and attention to detail.  Even before I was a wedding planner I have always been an organized person and love me a good to-do list.  I make lists, just to be able to check things off my list. So it is no surprise that being a wedding planner fits so well within my abilities.
Cookie-cutter and traditional weddings are frankly a thing of the past.  I like to stretch the limits of what people think a wedding should be like. You want to cut a pie instead of a cake?  Go for it!  You want to wear a colorful dress instead of white?  Go for it!  No bridal party?  It’s easier to plan that way!  A morning ceremony with a brunch reception?  I love pancakes and it can help save money too! I am the wedding planner that embraces the unique and different.  And I only work and refer to those whose values align with mine so you know that anyone I recommend is not only top-notch, but someone that is just as excited to work with you as I am.
My goal is to make your wedding planning experience an enjoyable one.  To be a lending ear when you are overwhelmed (because that will happen) and an advocate for your wedding day.  I want you to enjoy this process and your big day as you should.
Diana Warner Cleveland Wedding Coordinator

Diana Warner


Why Eventistry?

You’ve never planned an event like this before and once you start getting into the planning you will start to realize that there are a lot of decisions to be made.  It can become overwhelming really quickly.  I am here to break that down for you so that it is manageable and enjoyable. You’ll be able to be confident in your choices because I have guided you.
Your wedding should reflect who you are.  Pinterest can be great for ideas and inspiration, but you don’t want your wedding to be like everyone else’s.  And that’s exactly what I can help you do.  Details are those little things that can really elevate your guest’s experiences.  I love quirky and out-of-the-box ideas and I can help you execute those ideas and keep you within your budget.
I’ve planned so many weddings that I can spot a red flag before you even know it’s a problem.  Be it something months in advance that I can help guide you to correct or something on the big day itself.  I can help fix it so it won’t affect your wedding day.  No matter what, I will always keep your desires and needs in mind so that I can recommend the right professionals and keep your wedding day flowing so that it is everything that you want it to be.
Cleveland wedding coordinator with family

Random Facts About Me:

  • I love to sing!  I do it very often at home, in the shower, in the car, pretty much anywhere I can, no matter how embarrassing it is to my daughter.
  • I am 100% a crazy cat lady.
  • I am allergic to avocado.  I found out when I was in college.  I was a manager at a Quiznos and one of my employees said to me one night, “Do you realize you throw up every time you eat guacamole?”.
  • I have a back injury, and before I knew it was a back injury, I was barely able to stand and walk for almost a year of my life.  Luckily my injury is under control and I am much better now.
  •  I love crafts and being artistic.  I own way too many glue guns, but I need them all no matter what my husband says.
  • Ice cream is my favorite food group.
  • I can move my ears up and down.  Just ask and I will show you.