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As we have all learned more about how our everyday lives impact the Earth, a lot of us have started to change our ways to have less of an impact. But large gatherings like weddings can have a huge impact on our environment. Even a simple change can help so much. Here are my top 5 tips on how you can make your wedding more eco-friendly. Avoid Single Use Paper and Plastic Items, Rent or Use Biodegradable Paper...

I know you've been looking forward to your wedding day for some time now. Planning has taken you months, if not years. From your venue to your first pick photographer to the DJ that will keep the dance floor hopping. The perfect stationery and the flowers to match. The hairstyles, the outfits, and even the favors. Everything has been meticulously picked and put together to reflect your vision. Rising Ashes Designs As the day gets closer you start...