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So I have had many a chats with couples at places like a We Thee Wed wedding show, and they dismiss my services because they already have a venue coordinator at their venue.  Now when I hear this two things happen.  One, I kindly respond with my prepared speech what makes a wedding planner different.  Something that I have told couples over and over again, which is basically this blog.  Two, I secretly scream out in my head in frustration...

So the big day is getting closer and you forgot to purchase gifts for those amazing people you asked to be in your wedding party.  (Or your first cousin once removed that you were forced into having stand with you.)  Or maybe your on trend and are putting together "Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Proposal Boxes".  Yes, that is a thing.  It's pretty simple, a box of fun items given to the people you wish to be in your wedding party with a card...