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The tree is lit, the table is set. We are waiting for family to arrive. Music quietly plays in the background and my daughters laughs echo in my ear. All the sites and sounds telling me "It's Christmas!" To me, Christmas is never about the gifts. Sure, as a kid I loved that part and I love to watch my daughter open hers, but to me Christmas is about getting together with family. Laughing and talking. Enjoying food, the occasional drink and merriment. Let's face it, the older...

For some people seeing your partner at the altar for the first time is a tradition they want to uphold.  It can be a truly meaningful experience you want to share with your guests.  But over the past few years, it has become just that, a thing of the past.  Nowadays a "First Look" is the way to go.  But a lot of people get caught up in how un-traditional it is and don't give it a shot in...